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Throughout the year, Brin and Page had many successful happenings, including their first investor, Andy Bechtolsheim. They incorporated Google, and they hired their first employee while working out of a garage.


Google pakub teile sisu tõlkimiseks kahte valikut. Translation API Proovige lihtsa ja taskukohase programmiliidesena Translate API-t, mis kasutab veebisisu tõlkimiseks neuromasintõlget.

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Tühiku täitmine või mitu valikuvarianti Näitame teile fraasi ja teie sisestate tõlke. Kui aga soovite pelgalt klõpsata või puudutada, näitame teile võimalikke tõlkeid ja …

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Companies had been using web advertising for a few years, but Google revamped their AdWords offering with a new advertising idea. They incorporated a cost-per-click pricing that allowed companies to earn money every time someone clicked an ad.

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Google Maps was a way for people to take live satellite looks at various places around the world. They eventually added Google Earth which enhanced these capabilities.

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Google was awarded accolades by both users and experts. They were given the Webby Awards: Technical Achievement, and the Peoples Voice.

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