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Everything You Should Know About Tallinn, Estonia. 2769 shares. Share; here in this article I have carefully chosen only the places that I highly recommend visiting and wrote a mini-guide of everything you should know about Tallinn, Estonia. Are you ready?! Let’s begin now! Things to do in Tallinn Just to go to a general practitioner
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General practitioner . Ljudmilla Redko. Pärnu mnt, Tallinn Tasuline Pärnu mnt 102c/Jalgpalli 1, Tallinn Tel 605 1500 Narva mnt centre Narva mnt 7, Tallinn Tel 605 1500 Ülemiste centre Lõõtsa 5/ Sepapaja 4, Tallinn
General practitioners Tallinn, Harju County
Marko is a member of the Estonian and Tallinn Associations of General Practitioners and of the Estonian Medical Association. Dr Ölluk considers it essential that high-quality medical aid is available in primary care where the patient undergoes initial tests and the reasons for their ailments are explained.
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General Practitioner’s consultations, preventive General Practitioner’s appointment, diagnosis of acute illness for adults and children, occupational healthcare etc.
Everything You Should Know About Tallinn, Estonia
The family doctor and the family nurse. In Estonia, the maximum amount of the list of the family doctor is 2000 people (or 2400, if also an assistant doctor works in the doctor’s office). One can also call to the advisory line of the family physician 1220, working 24h a day all days of a week.
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The Psychiatry Clinic is made up of the Inpatient Treatment Centre with its 8 departments, and the Psychiatric Outpatients Clinic which also includes the Mental Health Centre. The clinic provides outpatient and inpatient psychiatric care as well as day treatment for patients from all over Estonia.
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In Tallinn, Infobel has listed 96,105 registered companies. These companies have an estimated turnover of € 57.679 billions and employ a number of employees estimated at 326,414.The company best placed in Tallinn in our national ranking is in position #1 in terms of turnover.
General Practitioner – A Medical Simulation Visual Novel
Chief General Practitioner of the clinic, Dr. Jones is a talented yet young doctor. A divorced man with a relative who also works in the field, its your choices that will determine the doctors life and character.
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If you have health issues, you should first contact a General Practitioner (GP). We have recognised GPs working for us, who we recommend you come see if you need a check up or need advice on how to stay healthy. You should also come if you need an expert opinion about your health concerns or if you have a long-term problem or chronic illness.
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Find the best addresses for General Practitioner. View locations, maps, reviews, opening hours, photos, videos, financial information, and all the details of each selected company. There are 677 results for your search. Infobel Estonia
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Find the best addresses for General Practitioner in Tallinn. View locations, maps, reviews, opening hours, photos, videos, financial information, and all the details of each selected company. There are 166 results for your search. Infobel Estonia
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2012 West-Tallinn Central Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine, General Practitioner Additional Training I regularly attend different conferences and courses, for example, I have participated in the European Colorectal Congress and the Advanced Coloproctology Course (ACPGBI).
The best addresses for General Practitioner. There are 677 general practitioner tallinn
Best General practitioners in Tallinn, Harju County. Jürgenson Pak OÜ, Linnamõisa Perearstikeskus OÜ, Pirita Perearstikeskus, Perearst Illa Põldma OÜ, Sadama Medicum, Perearst Toomas Erik OÜ, Majaka Perearstikeskus OÜ
Marko Olluk - General Practitioner - Private Medical
General practitioner. Consultation in Viimsi Mon 15.00–17.00. Book a time. Book a time. Give feedback! Registration desk +372 605 9600 +372 605 9601 +372 605 9023. Mustamäe polyclinic +372 664 6444. Tallinn centre polyclinic +372 660 4072. Registration for rehabilitative care +372 605 9010 +372 5551 0454 (8.00–16.00) Nurse on duty of
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General Practitioner. A family medicine centre is the primary contact with the health system for a person with any heath issue. The Family Medicine Centre of Medicum (Perearstikeskus LLC) was established on 17 January 2000.